Sewing and Quilting Classes Here at New England Fabrics

We wanted you to know that while attending New England Fabric classes you'll have the nicest, most knowledgeable ladies running the classes. And, as you know, with our huge showrooms stocked with hundreds of beautiful fabrics, including yarns, sewing / quilting notions - New England Fabrics is a sewers and quilters paradise.


quilrting, sewing crochet classes at New England Fabrics in Keene NH

Announcing our Beginner Crochet Class:

crochet classes in Keene NHStudent will learn how to make a cup cozi or a mug rug. Class will focus on technique as well as learning to read a crochet pattern.

Class will begin with a short lecture with literature provided explaining the items that will be used in crochet as well as differences in:

    • crochet hooks
    • yarn weight
    • care of yarn
    • gauge
    • other handy tools

Class Information

  • $40 per class
  • 2 to 2.5hrs - class schedule varies - please contact me if schedule posted does not work out and I will try to accommodate you.
  • Kit included
  • Bring small scissor and ruler
  • Notebook/pen if desired for note taking


Jodie Riggio - Certified Crochet Instructor, Craft Yarn Council

Jamminjo Crochet

(631) 880-9484 - call or text

[email protected]



Beginner Crochet 2 Class

  • Crochet 2 is a continuation of Crochet 1 adding new skills by learning the half double, double crochet stitches and color change while making a washcloth. Students will continue with learning how to read a crochet pattern.
  • Pre-requesite: Crochet Beginner 1 or crochet skills (holding a crochet hook) and at least have knowledge of crocheting a chain and single crochet.

Class Information

  • $40 per class – $10 non-refundable deposit is required.
  • 2 hour class length
  • Kit included
  • Bring small scissors and ruler
  • Notebood/pen if desired for note taking


Jodie Riggio – Certified Crochet Instructor, Craft Yarn Council

[email protected]

(631) 880-9484 call or text

Crochet Education Class 3

Granny Square Bag

crochet classes Keene NHMaterials List:

  • 2 skeins Queensland Collection – Cairns – 3.52oz/100g – 190 yards each. (Bag color used in picture is Melbourne)

60% cotton/40% acrylic – 4 weight or comparable

  • Size G/6 – 4.25mm crochet hook
  • 2 – 6” bag handles (either a hoop or oval) – handles will be available for purchase at the class.
  • 1 yarn needle
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Stitch marker
  • Straight pins

Class Details:

  • Class will focus on creating a handbag using the popular Granny Square pattern.
  • Student will continue to learn how to read a crochet pattern incorporating new stitching techniques.
  • Series of 3 classes at 2 hours per session
  • $75 class fee with $10 non-refundable deposit
  • Pre-requisites: Minimum of 2 of crochet education series or crochet skills required with knowledge of at least the double crochet stitch.


Jodie Riggio – Certified Crochet Instructor- Craft Yarn Council

[email protected]

(631) 880-9484 call or text

Please contact me if you can’t make classes posted on calendar an I will try to accommodate you.


Beginner Knitting

Knitting boils down to three essential skills. These are the cast on, knit stitch and the cast off. These three techniques make up the backbone of knitting. Master them and you’re officially a knitter. It’s that simple.


What you’ll learn:

  • Knitting basics, like vocabulary and knitting materials
  • How to cast on
  • How to do the knit stitch
  • How to bind off
  • How to knit a garter stitch dish cloth

To knit you’ll need yarn and needles. New England Fabrics carry a great selection of both and you will receive 10% off when you sign up for the class.


Beginner Sock Class

knitting classses Keene NH

These are worsted weight socks, which means that they’ll be warm, and work up quickly. They may mot be the socks that you want to wear every day, but I think that you’ll be a less discouraged sock knitter if you learn the basics on a project that you’ll finish quickly. Save your pretty self-striping sock weight yarn for your next pair.


You will learn:

  • Short cuff, so it’s quick to get started learning ‘sock-y’ things
  • No leg, same reason as above
  • No need to keep track of ‘needle 1 and needle 2’ like some sock patterns….because everyone loses track
  • Heel flap is worked in stockinette, no fancy pattern to remember
  • Only one round to remember for gusset decreases, so you don’t need to keep track of what round you’re on
  • Worsted weight goes fast!

This class is $75 for the 3 weeks long class. There is a $35 deposit for the class.

You will need to purchase worsted weight yarn and size 5 Double pointed needles in 6” length

You will get a 10% discount when you purchase your materials at New England Fabrics



Theresa Murphy of the former Wooly Lamb



Sewing Classes

sewing classes in Keene NH




Please call or use our contact form for the current sewing class schedule. You can attend one or multiple classes depending on your need. We are here to help with any sewing project you want to attempt. Give us a call to sign up. 603-352-8683

Karen will be your instructor

Beginners Quilting Classes

·     Self-paced so the number of classes varies

·     Meeting at NEF the (pleases call or use our contact form for class schedule)

·     From 9:30 to 3

·     Cost $30 / per class

·     Call NEF to register

Your instructor is Bonny Peters of Cat Den Mountain Quilts